About Us

About Us


We are a family operated business based in Adelaide and have been ever since our establishment in 1996. Originally from Taiwan, we migrated to Australia to form our business in the Northern part of Adelaide, South Australia. We built our farm in two stages, in 1997 and then 1999. In 2000 we reached our 100% capacity and became Australia’s most advanced indoor recirculating barramundi farm.


20 years later, we are now one of the largest land-based recirculating fish farms in Australia and pride ourselves on maintaining a 100% family owned South Australian business. Our 100% Australian barramundi are not only fresh, healthy and delicious, but also antibiotic and hormone free. Our knowledge and experience over the last two decades have enabled us to deliver premium quality Australian fish year-round, free from seasonal constraints, to all our clients around the country. Our farm is environmentally friendly and sustainable by being completely indoors with an in-house wastewater treatment plant to treat and recycle wastewater onsite, and we boast an impressive 100kW bank of solar panels to further reduce our carbon footprint. As a consumer you will be assured that we will always deliver great quality fish that is socially and environmentally responsible.

In the recent years, the farm has also been working collaboratively with other seafood producers to make a wide range of live seafood available across Australia through our innovative transportation system.

Local Economy

We are a proud South Australian business and one of the largest Barramundi producers in Australia. We support our local economy by purchasing our equipment, ranging from trucks to water piping systems, from local suppliers.

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