Transportation Fleet


Are you a fisherman, but not sure how to better sell your catches at a better price? Why not let us help you?

We have been supplying 2 tonnes of Barramundi per week to Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide markets for the past 17 years using our own customised live seafood delivery trucks. As a result, we have a strong network of live seafood wholesalers/retailers across all three states, which we are more than happy for you to leverage off.

What is in for you?

  • Better market exposure – we know all the live seafood wholesalers/retailers within all 3 states, so you can be guaranteed the best price
  • Proven track record – we have been delivering live fish for many years, so you can be confident we can deliver your catches safely and securely
  • Large quantities – we can help you move large amounts of catches in a short time, as all our customers have the capacity to sell more than a tonne of live seafood per week
  • Single point of dealing – a fisherman is best at catching fish, so why waste time dealing with multiple customers and constantly getting frustrated by outstanding invoices. Let us do the work for you, so you can focus on what is more important for you
  • Export capable - we have existing relations with overseas buyers, so we can help you export your catches to interested international buyers
  • Live storage - because we are experts in farming Barramundi, we have salt and fresh, cool and warm water storage facilities to store your catches alive on site

Why we do this?

  • To lower our transportation costs - we deliver 2 tonnes of Barramundi to Melbourne and Sydney on a weekly basis, so if we can fit other produce while we do that we can offset some of our transportation expenses
  • More species – we have a retail store, so it also helps us by expanding our retail seafood varieties
  • Unaffected by imports – we have experienced the impact of frozen Barramundi from overseas directly, so we know how frustrating it is to be selling premium Australian seafood at the same price as imported seafood. By selling Australian seafood alive, we are guaranteed to be free from international competitions.
  • It works – Many fishermen and fish farmers have taken up our services, as it is a Win-Win situation for all parties

What is required?

Just keep your catches alive and we can sort out the rest, simple as that!

Current Servicing Areas

We currently provide our services to fishermen and fish farmers from NSW, VIC and SA.

Licensed Fish Processor

We are an unrestricted Fish Processor under PIRSA licence.

Direct Contact Person

Please contact our General Manager, Jack Lee, for a fully confidential discussion – contact Jack