Live Seafood Holding System

Live Seafood System

Custom designed Live Seafood Holding System for any shop, anywhere!

We understand looking after your day-to-day business is already hard enough, let alone looking after live seafood. So we have designed the Live Seafood Holding System to be as simple as plug-n-play.

All you need is a shop where you would like to sell live seafood and we can deliver the system to you and for you to start using it straight away and become an instant expert fishmonger. The system is capable of holding all kinds of live seafood, from Barramundi to Crab, from Abalone to Sea Urchin.

It is compatible to operate under fresh and saltwater with 24/7 auto-temperature controlled. It is small, utilising less than 3m square of your floor space, and fully mobile. It is also designed it to be completely user friendly, with height measuring only 1300mm and 360 degrees all angle operable, so that customers can see the seafood clearly while your staff can catch the seafood effortlessly.

Say goodbye to frozen seafood and start selling freshest possible, live, seafood!


Width: 1200mm
Height: 1300mm
Length: 2000mm
Power Consumption: 0.9kWh
Seafood Capacity: 90Kg
Water Temp Range: 10-16 (cold) and 18-24 (warm) degrees celcius