At Mark Lee Fish Farm, we are the first in South Australia to specialise in live seafood. Please contact us if you are interested in any of our produce, whether you are from local or interstate, as we can also provide delivery services for wholesale and restaurant (local only) orders. Alternatively, you can come and visit us at our farm to enjoy a wide selection of live seafood. We guarantee to supply only 100% fresh (live) Australian seafood. Please see below for the list of produce and services we provide.

Note: We strive to always have all the produce listed available all-year-round, but due to seasonal constraint and for best shopping experience at our farm, please contact us before your visit to avoid any potential disappointment.

Species Available (Live)

Barramundi Barramundi Murray Cod Murray Cod Silver Perch Silver Perch
Jade Perch Jade Perch Coral Trout Coral Trout Blue Throat Wrasse Wrasse
Queensland Grouper Queensland Grouper Eel Eel Southern Rock Lobster Southern Rock Lobster
Mud Crab Mud Crab Sand CrabSand Crab Blue Swimmer CrabBlue Swimmer Crab
Giant CrabGiant Crab Blacklip Abalone Blacklip Abalone Greenlip Abalone Greenlip Abalone
PeriwinklePeriwinkle Pipi Pipi Pacific Oyster Pacific Oyster

Fish Food

We have premium commercial quality fish food available for purchase either by the grams or bags (20kg/bag).

Bulk Ice

We also sell 20kg/bag of ice at wholesale price.

We dont’t have what you’re looking for?

We specialise in live seafood transportation so we can source live seafood from all around Australia, to you! And because of our partnership with other seafood producers, we can provide a wide range of species unlike any other suppliers. So contact us today to see if we can assist you!

Note: Due to the number of enquiries about fingerlings, please be advised that we only have barramundi fingerlings available and any other fish sold are minimum plate-size.