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Fresh Produce - Delivered

Madam Seafood History

In 2017, Vivian and her team started Madam Seafood by chance. 

Jack, Vivian's husband, operates a family fish farming business, called 'Mark Lee Fish Farm' and over the last 30+ years, the family business has accumulated a wealth of industry connections for access to a wide range of quality local produce.

Although Mark Lee Fish Farm has a retail outlet shop onsite, due to the physical location of the farm (being 25km from the Adelaide CBD), many of Vivian's friends asked whether they could group-buy and pick up their orders from a location convenient to them. So, without thinking too much and planning, this business started from there. 

Gradually, through word of mouth, Madam Seafood has attracted and retained a lot of loyal and happy customers. 

In 2020, COVID hit, Madam Seafood swiftly embraced the increased market demand for online shopping and home delivery services by redirecting more resources into the business.

Why choose us?

Fresh produce and seafood, especially, is highly perishable, so how do we ensure they are always fresh for our customers? 

Given the strong existing industry connections, we take orders from our customers first, then order them in from our suppliers and fishermen. We do not let seafood and meat sit within our store and wait for customers to buy. 

We also specialise in delivering live seafood to your home! Imagine receiving live lobster, crabs, abalones, and so many more at home!

You are guaranteed to receive the freshest and best produce from Madam Seafood. 

Our Mission

To provide hand-picked and in-season quality Australian fresh produce to our customers with the convenience and excellent customer services.

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