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Southern Blue Swimmer

Live - Sweeter - Better

Since 2015, Mark Lee Fish Farm started partnering with local South Australian blue swimmer crab fishermen to catch and package blue swimmer crab in a live state in order to distribute across the entire Australia. We are proud to announce that Southern Blue Swimmer is our live blue swimmer crab brand name.

patent blue swimmer crab.PNG

Catching and keeping our Southern Blue Swimmer alive throughout the distribution journey didn't come easy. It took us two years working closely with our fisherman in order to get the right setup and as a result, we have been able to obtain a Standard Patent through the Commonwealth Government agency IP Australia for the method and packaging for our Southern Blue Swimmer.

It is no secret that live crabs taste much better than dead crabs. The moment a crab dies, its tissue structure starts to decompose very quickly and any crab lover would be able to tell that its meat texture becomes powdery/mushy. Hence, our Southern Blue Swimmer overcomes that issue by ensuring that they remain alive from the place of harvest until the place of consumption. 

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